Neon Asteroid Blaster!

Classic arcade action fun

Relive the glory days of 80’s video arcade action on your Amazon Fire TV!

One of the greatest video games ever created has come to the Amazon Fire TV. This modern version of Asteroids features HD ‘neon’ styled graphics, allowing the classic arcade game to look its best on large screen HD TV’s.

It will feel like you’ll need a pile of quarters by your side while you blast your way through endless space, crowded with asteroids and aliens ships. Control your ship with any Amazon supported gamepad, using the d-pad to control your ship and the buttons to blast alien ships and warp out of danger when things get too crazy.

Neon Asteroid Blasters features 30 waves of relentless action and an awesome soundtrack by

Neon Asteroid Blaster! is also available for your Apple iPad in two flavors. A free, ad supported version and a paid, $0.99 version.

Free Version
Paid Version