Particle Effects Simulator for Gamesalad

Easily create professional particle effects for Gamesalad

Particle Effect Simulator for Gamesalad is a powerful particle effect simulator designed with Gamesalad Creator for use with Gamesalad Creator. Since it is designed using Gamesalad Creator you can be sure that any particle effect you create using the simulator will run within Creator as well.

Using the particle effect simulator is super easy. First choose a particle shape from the list of 20 styles then use the sliders to design the exact effect needed for your game. Once you are satisfied with the look of the particle effect export the data to Gamesalad Creator and see your awesome particle effect in your game!

You’ll have control over:

  • The number of particles spawned
  • The particles lifetime
  • Particle size
  • Particle speed
  • Particle Color
  • Much more!

Particle Effect Simulator for Gamesalad Tutorial:

The particle effect simulator for Gamesalad also comes with a Gamesalad Creator project file that has a prebuilt particle effect actor placed on stage. After exporting the particle effects data from the simulator you will enter that data into this special actor to generate the particle effect you exported within Gamesalad Creator. This project file works with both the Macintosh and Windows versions of Gamesalad Creator.